• Ponyfinder Campaign Setting - Hard Cover Edition

Adventure in the world of Everglow, nestled in delicate balance between the elemental planes. It is a world of magic and mystery, where the fey are in control and the humanoid races are secondary. Foremost of the fey are Ponykind, who rallied behind their Queen to form the greatest empire Everglow had ever seen.


We've brought  ponies, griffons, felines, and other strange creatures to life in a world all of their own, where they are the primary PCs.

  • New gods
  • New spells
  • New class archetypes
  • New equipment
  • New bloodlines
  • New races 


For feedback, visit our forum and let us know what you think and what changes, if any, you recommend.

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Ponyfinder Campaign Setting - Hard Cover Edition

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