The war ponies are a varied lot, performing many roles for their equine kind. Read below for descriptions on each of the different kinds of war ponies.

Flank and File.

Ponies, for the most part at least, are fairly peaceful creatures. But the world they inhabit isn’t always a peaceful place. They co-exist with a myriad of other sentient, determined creatures – creatures who are out to steal their lush green lands: monstrous creatures and roving packs of wild beasts that love to feast on juicy ponies. This is where the ‘Flank and file’ come in. Ponies with the courage and disposition to defend their fellow equines join the ‘flank and file’ to do so. Lacking the magic of the Unicorns or the wings of the Pegasus, they rely on simple armour to protect them in their duty.

Knights of the Round Stable.

‘Knights of the Round Stable’ are near the top of the herd in equestrian society, given plots of land where they rule in the name of their king in return for their martial service. They are reared from birth to train as autocratic knights who aid the ‘Cornulae’ in their rule and also to defend their king and land in times of war and crises. Although relatively small in number, these knights are rightfully feared and respected for their martial skills. They are renowned for their charges, during which they are able to magically imbue their horns with power, unleashing the pent up force and energy as they strike home, leaving their enemies in disarray. Despite this, the ‘Knights of the Round Stable’ follow a strict code of conduct to uphold their own - and their king’s - honour.

Daughters of Cyberiel.

These Unicorns are for the most part the keepers of temples and other sacred sites around the equestrian kingdoms where they tend to the spiritual needs and wellbeing of the equines under their care. Some Daughters of Cyberiel leave their temples to become powerful sorceresses serving in the courts of the land. In times of conflict they use their more aggressive spell power to orchestrate ranged offensive attacks, which allows an equestrian force to rain down small clusters of highly-accurate, powerful bolts of magic at their foes. Having said that, the daughters of Cyberiel never get too close to their enemies, preferring to stay at a safe distance.

Legion of Luno.

Pegasus ponies by nature are free spirits. Countless years ago - as the equestrian kingdoms were formed - the Pegasus ponies would generally remain outside of the herd structures, preferring to live a more solitary life flying freely over the fields and inhabiting the mountains where the other ponies could not follow. However they adore the craft work of the Unicorns, and enjoy the bountiful food that the Regular ponies produce, so they aid their cousins in conflict when their way of life is threatened, acting as messengers and scouts at the very edges of their civilization.

War Ponies contains the following:

1 Flank and file (variation 1)

1 Flank and file (variation 2) 

1 Flank and file (variation 3)  

1 Knight of the Round Stable (variation 1)

1 Knight of the Round Stable (variation 2)

1 Knight of the Round Stable (variation 3)

1 Daughter of Cyberiel (variation 1)  

1 Daughter of Cyberiel (variation 2)

1 Daughter of Cyberiel (variation 3)

1 Legion of Luno (variation 1)

1 Legion of Luno (variation 2) 

1 Legion of Luno (variation 3)

Requires painting.

These figures are intended to scale well with your average 30mm human figurine.


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Miniature Ponies - War Ponies

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