The Cornulae - those that govern their fellow ponies - are a rare breed: endowed with the magical horn of the Unicorn ponies as well as the swift wings of the Pegasus ponies, they also enjoy an extraordinarily long life. For the most part, these equine kings and queens govern with wisdom, mercy and justice. However there are stories told of Cornulae that have turned to hatred and bitterness, which contorts them into dark and twisted forms, sinister shadows of their former selves.

The Cornulae - rulers of the ponies - consists of the following miniatures:

1 King Cornulae

1 Queen Cornulae

1 Evil Cornulae

Require painting and assembling of wings.

These figures are intended to scale well with your average 30mm human figurine.


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Miniature Ponies - Cornulae

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