Whilst most ponies are content to concern themselves with how sunny it is or how the bunnies are doing, or how many more muffins they will eat that day, some want more. They feel the draw of distant lands; the desire for adventures and dungeon-crawling fills their hearts. Small groups of these like-minded individuals will band together to travel the lands near and far in their quest for adventure. Along the way they will aid those in need - from kings to lowly ‘field ploughs’ – but not out of a spirit of altruism: although loyal to each other, they are collectively mercenary and self-interested. These groups frequently contain ponies from diverse backgrounds and are thus able to display abilities and skills which complement one another in wide-ranging situations.

‘Pony adventurers’ consists of the following miniatures:

1 Wizard

1 Bard

1 Thief

1 Paladin

1 Sorceress

1 Barbarian

Require painting.

These figures are intended to scale well with your average 30mm human figurine.


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Miniature Ponies - Adventurers

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